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A telecommunications engineer X brand strategist; I have worked with various brands in different socio-economic sectors globally. With over a decade and a half of combined experience; six years spent in the corporate industry, where I worked for multi-national firms like Quintessentially a global concierge brand. I held the position of an ICT and Lifestyle Support Manager; I also doubled up as the ICT Business Development Director for its franchise owner, Royal Lifestyle Group. After taking on several roles and duties within the group and other sub-business units owned by Royal Lifestyle Group for four years; I decided to move on to a different industry. I was poached to take on the role of Creative Design at an entertainment-based VAS telecom firm called Mcomm Content. In my capacity, I created and worked on several multimedia, marketing, branding, and design projects for musical artists, content creators, entertainment brands, and content for monetization. I also worked with the new Mcomm float called Groove Platforms; the creator of UDUX music app. The UDUX music app and other marketing content were my last project before moving on to Lead AVDStudios.

I have functioned across several job roles over the years; worked with teams and lead in situations that required me to. Yes, I am a great team player and leader with a keen eye for details, design, and interaction. An average creative writer with a strong belief that marketing and brand positioning should be done with storytelling.

I have been able to develop a robust portfolio with multiple skill sets I possess; these include brand strategy, business, and marketing development, UI, graphic design, web, and mobile app design; video editing; telecommunications; copywriting, digital marketing, mobile art/illustration { @xreatium } et al.

My portfolio also comprises of projects from my freelancing days showing my growth over the decade.

A creative thinker, innovator, problem solver; A lover of God, F1, architecture, astrology, space travel, art, and biotech. I enjoy breaking new grounds and taking on professional adventures.

As a brand strategist, I have worked with several brands across various industries and economic sectors. These include skincare & beauty, telecommunications, entertainment, luxury concierge, events, real estate, food & beverage, advertising, fashion, fin-tech, tech, products & manufacturing, and multiple startups.

I keep looking forward to new challenges, territories to implement my potentials and put my multiple skill sets to great use. { MY RESUME }

My name is David Lawson-Agoro. The Lead Creative at AVDStudios. I lead a creative team of superhumans who are exceptionally dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and idealists develop their brands and businesses into sustainable and profitable enterprises with a cost-efficient solution.








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